Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How often should you sharpen your knife?

You should hone your knife after and before every use with a steel. Honing is not sharpening but rather re aligning the split ends from use. It gives your edge a alignment that allows it to be razor sharp. Your knife should be sharpened on a whetstone at least once a month if its used heavily. I will include a honing video tutorial in the near future. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please ask in the contact page.

What are the correct cooking temperatures for different foods?

Basically, steaks and beef – rare 120, med 135, well done 150.  Chicken always at 165, Pork and fish should be cooked till 145. The links below give the full spectrum of allowances and temperatures for a variety of items. Always keep food safety in mind. The temperature danger zone is any food left to sit for 4 hours in 41 to 140 degrees. after 4 hours this danger zone allows harmful bacteria to grow causing food poisoning or worse.



How to skin cloves of garlic with ease?

Simply place your heads of garlic, separated, into a bowl. Cover with another bowl and shake for 20 seconds. Afterwards, you will have 20 nicely peeled cloves of garlic ready to use.

Best way to prepare a steak?

In my travels and experiences, the best steak is done on a hot grill with wood fire or wood chip smoke. Before it gets to the grill remember to season the steak and let it sit out to get to room temperature before cooking. This will allow the seasoning to absorb into the meat and allow for a even cook. To get the restaurant style, simply sear on the grill and finish in a hot oven to the desired temperature. Another trick is to make and add a slice of compound butter on top when its done. Be creative in your compound butter, it can be a combination of anything that you like. For me I prefer, garlic rosemary, or chive, shallot, thyme butter.